Monday, December 6, 2010

Franciscan Christmas

In Franciscan spirituality, the Incarnation is an important event. It is the great gift of the Most High Father of His Son, Jesus Christ who, out of Love, through His own poverty becomes One with us.

For Father Francis, the Incarnation was a time of great joy. Bethlehem spoke of the love and poverty of God. It was by the example of God, the Word made Flesh – that our Holy Father Saint Francis embraced Lady Poverty and begin our Way of Life. In the year 1223, in the small town of Greccio, that he built a new Bethlehem.

Today, more than ever, the goal of every Franciscan is to make every city, every place a new Greccio, where Jesus the Christ becomes a real, living experience. However, we can never create the new Greccio if we do not experience poverty.

Poverty flees the emptiness of the world and seeks the fullness of life in Christ. It loves little things, and is content with the ordinary things of life. For Franciscans, poverty is making things our slaves instead of enslaving us to things. When one is poor, he can possess nothing but God.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you this Christmas. May your have a Franciscan Christmas. God bless you!


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