Friday, August 28, 2009

LECTURE ON LECTIO DIVINA ...Second Part -Selection of Scriptures

Selection of Scriptures

Lectio is typically practiced daily for one continuous hour. A selection from the Holy Scriptures is chosen ahead of time, often as a daily progression through a particular book of the Bible.
Selecting a time for lectio divina is important. Typical methods are to pray for one hour in the morning, or to divide it into two half–hour periods, one in the morning and one in the evening. The key is to pre–select the time that will be devoted to the prayer and to keep it. Using the same time every day leads to a daily habit of prayer that becomes highly effective.
The place for prayer is to be free from distractions, isolated from other people, telephones, visual distractions, etc. Familiarity with a location reduces the possibility of distraction away from the prayer. One may wish to pray in an unaccustomed place, for the express purpose of finding a place that will be dedicated to prayer alone and not other daily activities. Some practitioners conduct other devotions, such as praying before the Blessed Sacrament, as a preparation for Lectio Divina.


Prior to reading, it is important to engage in a transitional activity that takes one from the normal state of mind to a more contemplative and prayerful state. A few moments of deep, regular breathing and a short prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to guide the prayer time helps to set the tone and improve the effectiveness of the lectio.
In order to hear someone speaking softly we must learn to love silence. If we are constantly surround ourselves with noise, we cannot hear gentle sounds.
Once the stage is set it is time to begin the prayer. There are four phases of the prayer, which do not necessarily progress in an ordered fashion. One may move between different phases of the prayer very freely as the Holy Spirit guides.
to be continued....


  1. Yes, "as the Holy Spirit guides." This is the central idea of lectio divina for me. The various suggested actions being ways to get there — the place where the Holy Spirit is the only voice and guide. This Second Part illustrates these points very well.

  2. Hello Br. Albert -

    You have a very nice blog. You are correct - for Lectio Divina, you must be in a quiet place. Blessed Mother Teresa said so well "In the Silence of the heart, God speaks." This is a big issue in society today - tv, Iphones/Ipods - just too much noise. We are losing our ability to think.

    Good luck with the Franciscans. In 2003 I was blessed to join the Lay Missionaries of Charity ( on pilgrimage to Rome, to Blessed Teresa's beatification celebrations. After our trip, we drove up to Assisi to Francis' tomb. A friend with me is a Secular Franciscan from Florida. When she saw the tomb, she fell to the floor in tears. It was powerful!

    God bless you!

  3. Thank you also for your response. Indeed there is too much noise in the world. If only people would keep still and listen to the quiet voice of God. God bless you. Please extend my greetings to your friend who is a sister in Saint Francis.


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